Forgotten Observes

Part of my new year’s resolution is doing some spring cleaning to my inbox. Unlike the other observes, these have fermented for so long that I don’t have a strong date for these although I can guess:

  • Amusingly, Arma 3 is used in research as a simulation to detect / track certain people
  •  12/17/16
    • Crazy long lines at the airport – rumors of bomb threat?
    • Someone gave chocolate to flight attendant
  • I’m becoming a cluster lady – staying here at late nights and lurking at the computers
  • Advertisement for “Major in 1, minor in 6” as a futile attempt to lure more people away from Course 6
  • Miyazaki forest spirit murals on Roxy’s and around Boston
  • Passed by a truck with spiky hubcaps on the way to the Annex
  • The Chu Lounge name was scrapped on the 2nd floor EECS lounge.
  • What are these goddang Allied Barton security robots doing in the Prudential Center?
  • My dad’s organization scheme in Pokemon Go of what pokemon to keep was exactly the same as mine in Pokemon Rumble World, despite us never discussing this
  • Why do graphic novels continue to be in the teen section??
  • Brodyquest was playing in City Liquors as generic shop music
  • A short list of things that blow my friend’s mind:
    • My minifridge’s beer rack has a hole in the middle so you don’t have to drop beer cans from the top
    • My rice cooker can steam vegetables and cook rice at the same time
    • You can put jam on raisin bread and it tastes really good
  • On the Orange Line going to sign the lease. 2 Brothers are playing with red play dough in front of me. They’re having a competition of who can make the best pizza. One person makes a whole pizza pie while the other makes a slice. They then make pies and cherries.
  • On my way to San Francisco for a company all-hands. The flight cabin had a smoke machine going for some reason. My professor sat in first class.
  • MechE talks have a lot of goodies to give out and show
  • 1/15/18 – Saw a robin in the snow – what are you doing, robin?


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