Link Roundup

“Teir Abhaile Riu” – Celtic Woman – just some classic well-done tunes

“One Way Ticket” – Eruption – Not sure why I’m on a disco kick, but I think it has something to do with discovering Donna Summer’s “I Found Love” in the last roundup

“My Sharona” – The Knack –  still on a 70s kick

“hydrogen money” – kmlkmljkl  – h/t rusch this is fricking lit AF

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Link Roundup

“Electric Feel (Justice Remix)” – MGMT – h/t sadun – what a jammin banger tbh (although it really sounds like “electric eel” now though

“Lovely Day” – Alt-J – I’m honestly just so happy that it’s summer

“Boots” – Kesha – h/t sadun from a Discord party.

“Evelyn” – Kim Tillman and Silent Films – h/t cesium. Song grew on me really quickly. Fan of the chugga chugga rhythm and the Prufrock

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Link Roundup

Still on a Run the Jewels kick, this time – “Lie, Cheat, Steal

“Different Trains” – Steve Reich, performed by London Contemporary Orchestra – h/t slz, who is in a class about “The Musical Voice” I think? Anyways, they’re doing a lot of crazy things with like speaking pianos and stuff. Also didn’t realize that this is the same guy as behind “It’s Gonna Rain” and “Come Out“. They’re all pretty solid.

“Love Love Peace Peace” – Eurovision 2016 – I was looking for Alex Rybak songs and ended up coming here. I’m so down with how self-aware they are.

“Take On Me” – In X styles + Seth Everman – h/t horkley. I really love Seth Everman a lot so this was a pretty dope collaboration. Also check out their take on All Star.

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Link Roundup

“Fire” – Arthur Brown – just some classic 60s proto-metal

“crushcrushcrush” (vocals-only canon) – Paramore – h/t cesium, who showed me when I showed kmli remixes. A serendipitous tumblr canon. IT’S SO GOOD??? I also like the commentary of canons and fugues

“Tricerahops” – Too many ZOOZ – h/t chencs. I’m a huge fan of the stutter-step horns

“Leviathan” – Mouse on the Keys – h/t ermain. I really like the name of the band because it really is a kind of unique random style.

“A Samurai’s Death” – Ricko James – h/t cyqwang.  She got it from the test music that Unbox Therapy was using for testing the $3000 bluetooth speaker. I also like another song they used, “Bangster Shit” – Crux Muzik
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Link Roundup

“Carmen” – Stromae – I think the message is a bit simplistic, but I really like the bass beat in time with everything else

“Shake That” – Eminem – I found this song from the meme shitpost version of it called “you reposted in the wrong neighborhood” (KYM article here). this song is pretty unobjectionably bad, but it’s so self-aware and reveling in its misogyny that it’s hard for me to not smile a little bit in its unabashed lack of morals. Similarly, I like the appropriation of MLK (“I’ve been to the motherf***ing mountaintop”) because it’s so over-the-top sacrilegious. (Digression – For some reason, I seem to remember that Pogo did a remix of MLK speeches, but I can’t find it. Anyone else remember this?)

“Magical Nite” – oneboredjeu – MAGIC! x Kid Cudi – h/t shikexue. Jamming.

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Link Roundup

“Chop Suey” – Tongo – h/t Phil Arevalo for this. I don’t understand why this is a whole genre. Tongo has gotten famous from these really poor English translation covers, and it’s so strange.

I wonder if there’s something with Latin American culture that leads to this genre of nonsense songs. Tongo is from Peru while the infamous “Chacarron Macarron” comes from a Panamanian artist. The thing I like about Tongo more is that he puts a distinctive Hispanic twist to his songs and is very self aware of his ridiculousness rather than playing it straight.

“Here I Come” – Soul City – I found this song from a Youtube Grammarly commercial of all things. It’s 70’s motown enough to be real catchy (definitely getting cues from “Ain’t No Mountain” and the Supremes)

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Link Roundup

“Macklerena” – ideaot . How have I never heard this before.

Relistening to made me find some more high-quality stuff:

“Chambermaid Swing” – Parov Stelar . Lawrence was looking for dance choreos that he wanted to learn from and one of them was dancing to this swag song.

“Fighting Fish” – Dessa . She’s still awesome.

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Link Roundup

This roundup dedicated to sadun who wanted new music to listen to. Thanks for everyone for actually listening to my trash tastes :3

“Hold Up” – Beyonce. Ok yeah yeah, I know I’m late to the Lemonade party, but like I finally watched the videos and honestly, I’m so impressed with the visuals (future writeup forthcoming). Also, I can’t take anything with air horns seriously anymore, so partly sharing it for that.

“Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt (Papa Skunk Remix)” – Mochipet. Showed up on Pandora and I was like “omg did they really sample yoshi”

“Conquistador” – Procol Harum. h/t gwenf. I think she’s got a record player maybe because it definitely sounded much warmer when she played it. Nevertheless as someone who only knows of Procol Harum for “Whiter Shade of Pale“, I’m a big fan of this.

“Shot” – Moon Hooch . h/t eurahko. Groovy AF

“music genre: video game” – Seth Everman. A really dumb and amusing musical ditty taking a lot of stuff from classic video game tropes. Speaking of Youtube personalities who do a lot of interesting experiments with music, if you haven’t looked at Andrew Huang’s stuff, you’re severely missing out.

Live Snow White mix – Pogo. Continuing the trend of Youtube musicians, I guess. I’ve talked about Pogo in the past, but he is just so great in this. Definitely a lot more energy and less ethereal spacey quality than his usual mixes (ex. compare his other Snow White mix). Also omg I love his energy as he’s just super jamming out to his own tunes The Black Key’s “Lonely Boy”

Stay musical, my friends.


Link Roundup

“I’m So Sorry” – Imagine Dragons. Very different style from what I’m used to from Imagine Dragons. I’m such a fan of the rockabilly + EDM genre. Fun fact: Avicii’s True is one of the few albums that I can listen to cover to cover.

“Jungle” – XAmbassadors + Jamie Commons. Another really goddang danceable song.

“My Neck, My Back” – Richard Cheese. A Tetazoo song. It’s a cover, but I heard this version first and wow, I’m a fan.

“Ma City” – BTS. The riff at 1:03 really reminds me of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My MoneyRead More »

Link Roundup

“Big Dater” – Big Data. I really dig those juicy beats and the hilarious artistic use of dialup. Fun fact: I had dialup until April 2011, so this brings back feels for me.

Here’s a nifty sampling example. Rob Dougan’s “Clubbed to Death” (made famous via The Matrix) and Elgar’s “Enigma Variations”. They also claim that Holst’s “Jupiter” is in there, but I’m not sure if I agree with that as much. Also, I found out that one of the French rap groups I like, Sexion D’Assaut totally used “Clubbed to Death” as a backing track once.

“Explode” – Tay Zonday – Part of my childhood experiences, trawling Youtube. Listened to this after finding about his more famous “Chocolate Rain” and the tune has stayed with me for quite a while. There’s also “Chasing Eden” which I really don’t like very much but the way he sings “Tigris and Euphrates” stuck with me for some reason. Thought about Zonday again after rewatching Weezer’s “Pork and Beans“, which now feels like a great time capsule of that era. Also, test how well you remember your memes from 2008 with this puzzle from Mathcamp

Rap God in 40 styles – This is also kind of old, but mostly including it here because I don’t actually recognize all of the styles. The ones that I did, I got a big kick out of. 2Pac, Die Antwoord and Daddy Yankee stood out to me the most. I also kind of wish that Ray Charles and Justin Timberlake actually recorded songs that fast. It probably also says something about me that I recognize more styles for this one

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