Essential Posts

Please note that my blog posts are very informal and not a good showcase of my writing ability. If you’re looking for more structured writing than blog posts, please check out the papers that I have written on my main website.

If you’re here because of my Jeopardy appearance, then the observations in the “jeopardy” tag are relevant for you. There are also formal interviews / presentations on my main website. (Please contact me if you would like the password)

If you’re here because of my activism on the MIT-Epstein crisis, then the “mit” tag is probably for you. If you’re interested in the overall path of how my thinking and beliefs have changed over time, skimming through the “meta” tag is your best bet. Notable turning points include “Feels“, “Retrospective“, “Necropost: Truly Marvelous Posts“, and “Aftermath

If you want to see my creative writing rather than my analytical write-ups, check out the “original” tag. I especially like “Grand Unified Theory” and “Perseid

The “snippets” tag has several random ideas that I’ve had that – either due to lack of time or lack of interest for the full literature review needed – I have only decided to pose and not answer. They’re a quick overview of the questions I like to ask. Very much inspired by Seth Teller’s Random Ideas page.

My writing ability has changed quite a bit since I first started in 2014, so I’m less proud of these posts because they’re too rambly. They’re still important to me, which is why I’m bracketing it like this.

  1. Real Art vs. Fake Art” and its revisited response – probably the most clear manifesto of part of my personal philosophy
  2. Foreign foreign language songs” – actually a guest post by one of the long time contributors of litchin@ and mellifluously@, but has so many great songs on it. Also a really good example of the community on those mailing lists.
  3. The following are a pretty good look at the cross-genre interconnections I like to make, although not very strong posts by themselves
    1. “‘Rape Fantasies’ – Margaret Atwood” — please read my updated response for actual analytical content and to see how my writing style has changed from 2014 to 2018.
    2. Norwegian Slow Video Games
    3. James Brown is Dead
    4. Rap, Spirituals, and Die Antwoord
    5. Periodic Table of Seder-Masochism