There have been very few times that I can name that have dramatically affected the trajectory of my life. Events that I turn over and over again in my head to try to make sense of. Events that I can knowingly point to and say “this is where a new Lilly began”

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Angsting about CMS and Robotics

It’s “ethics week” in Petey and Mehitabel’s “Networked Cultures class” and I accidentally wrote 2.5 benkrafts on this prompt. I guess if you haven’t talked to me in a while, it’s a pretty good summary of my screaming for the last two years.

inb4 Ava gives me yet more grief for not using my insane fellowship money for just fucking off and actually just doing CMS full time, aka. “When was the last time you touched a robot?”

DQ1: Read deTar. Share an occasion where you have felt the terms of your professional or educational success were in conflict with your ethics. Can you apply this advice practically?

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CMS Snippets

“Do you just… apply theory to everything?” – Eurah Hashtags are really just human classification of metadata – information which is traditionally used by computers to classify data. Does this mean that there’s this strange human-computer collaboration / hybrid happening? Given the NSA disclosure that they were snooping on conversations but “it’s ok since it’s […]

Maturing Research Interests

Lately, in both my research and personal endeavors, I’ve definitely felt like I’ve grown up and gained a lot more maturity / discernment in what I do. Ever since I’ve started graduate school in September 2017, I don’t feel like I’m flailing around trying to cram things into my head as fast as possible, but I now have time to think and plan and really dig deep in what I actually want to devote my life to – for the short term of 5+ years, for the long term of my entire research career. I feel a lot more secure in my own identity / self-expression and a lot more ready to explore.

For litchin@, what this means now is that a lot of queued up posts that I had been planning on writing now no longer seem super interesting or relevant. I really like Mehitabel’s phrasing when we were streaming The Stanley Parable together: “Now that I’m no longer in middle school, I no longer feel the need to label everything as meta. I can dig in a little deeper and say ‘yup, this is meta. What effect is it creating?’ rather than being ‘it’s cool because it’s meta’ “.

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a feat requiring years of retraining of the mind and sensory organs, a painstaking human rewiring, or upgrade, if you will, while on the ground the general sees his and disparate other contemporary narratives play out simultaneously, indeed as the emerging market equity trader does, and as the rapid-fire TV remote user and the multiple-computer-window […]

Poetic Random Nerve Firings

When an engineer brags that they don’t like fiction That their bookmarks are filled of Medium articles and business koans Isn’t there something lost? You can not consume all the media in the world You can not consume all the media you want to consume You can not consume all the media you need to […]