How to Make a Friendship Bracelet (with minimal videos)

I came down with COVID last week with mild but still decently strong symptoms. In addition to an incredibly sore throat, various nose problems and a scary cough, I had a strong brain fog which made it extremely hard to focus on more than one thing at a time. This meant that there was a lot of time that I needed to fill, but my usual go-to of cross-stitching felt too difficult for me in this state.

While I was working on drafting up some cross stitch patterns, I remembered the existence of BraceletBook, a neat site to find small simple pixel art patterns. “What if I actually used the site for its intended purpose?”, I thought. And, hey, what do you know, it actually was a really good hobby fit for my mental state at the time! I made Pattern #97960 from BraceletBook using the two big cones of DMC 310 and DMC B5200 I got for cross-stitching so I wouldn’t dip too much into my regular supplies.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it, especially for my first attempt and my disease-addled state! I think it’s unlikely that I pursue this hobby further, as it is “the most inefficient form of weaving” according to my housemate. Still, I wanted to do this writeup because there is a surprising dearth of non-video based tutorials, especially for more complex 10+ string patterns. Hopefully this will be useful for the other old fogeys out there who also don’t like watching video tutorials!

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