Maturing Research Interests

Lately, in both my research and personal endeavors, I’ve definitely felt like I’ve grown up and gained a lot more maturity / discernment in what I do. Ever since I’ve started graduate school in September 2017, I don’t feel like I’m flailing around trying to cram things into my head as fast as possible, but I now have time to think and plan and really dig deep in what I actually want to devote my life to – for the short term of 5+ years, for the long term of my entire research career. I feel a lot more secure in my own identity / self-expression and a lot more ready to explore.

For litchin@, what this means now is that a lot of queued up posts that I had been planning on writing now no longer seem super interesting or relevant. I really like Mehitabel’s phrasing when we were streaming The Stanley Parable together: “Now that I’m no longer in middle school, I no longer feel the need to label everything as meta. I can dig in a little deeper and say ‘yup, this is meta. What effect is it creating?’ rather than being ‘it’s cool because it’s meta’ “.

Amusingly, I’ve noticed that there has also been a related reduction in the previously obsessive timestamps that used to be on each post. It used to be important that these posts were a sort of benchmark to me as a developing person, but now, it’s a lot more important to me to get a coherent story out rather than seeing how each post contributes to my self.

I feel kind of sad letting these posts go, which is why I’m doing this mini-writeup explaining my motivations of what to delete and what to keep. Overall, I’m letting go of things that are not directly related to my humanities research interest (collision of new / old media or durational violence) – this means less single piece writeups and less observes. I still want to keep some of the old ones though because they really crystallize a time period of what I was looking at / for – like a set of random photographs on your phone that you considered deleting but decided not to.

Stay literary, my friends


Transcription posts keeping

  • Observe: Summer 2015
  • Boston FIG 2017
  • “Then She Fell”
  • Data analysis of “upon graduation, who did I really know out of my graduating class”
  • Lemonade writeup (this is halfway done)

Trashed posts

  • Carmen writeup
  • Messiah writeup
  • discussion of interactive film given New Yorker article + Nick Montfort (lost original email)
  • discussion of NY Times executive toys article
  • Intro to Hispanic Lit (did not end up taking class)
  • Podcast discussion (do not have enough time to listen to podcasts)

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