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Grand Unified Theory

The answer to the communication puzzle is a two-way dialogue.
The answer to the constant need for aggregation and collation is to just write words down, but the act of fixing them with a formulated phrase causes them to change, to morph.
That is not what I meant; that is not what I meant at all.

“If I look back, I am lost” said the Queen of Editors, as she stepped forward into the narrative.

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Link Anthology

  1. “40 Days” – Tom Clark
  2. “The Crowds Cheered as Gloom Galloped Away” – Matthea Harvey
  3. “Introduction to Poetry” – Billy Collins
  4. “The One Thing That Can Save America” – John Ashbery
  5. “Close Encounters” – Marcus Wicker
  6. “John Henry” – TJ Jarrett
  7. “Grotesque” – Amy Lowell
  8. “St. Peter Claver” – Toi Derricotte
  9. “A History of Sexual Preference” – Robin Becker
  10. “Inventory for Spring” – Wendy Xu
  11. Advertisement” – Wisława Szymborska
  12. “Advice from La Llorona” – Deborah Miranda
  13. “The Wall” – Laura Kasischke
  14. “Russian Ending” – Jerry Williams
  15. “In the Novel” – Susan Stewart
  16. “Radio” – Tom Clark
  17. ” Not Pastoral Enough” – Veronica Forrest-Thomson
  18. “Summer Haibun” – Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  19. “Por Encontrar un Beso Tuyo” – Francisco Garcia Lorca
  20. “A Prayer to Talk to Animals” – Nickole Brown
  21. “Scary Movies” – Kim Addonizio
  22. “At the Air and Space Museum” – Linda Pastan

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Link Roundup

“Carmen” – Stromae – I think the message is a bit simplistic, but I really like the bass beat in time with everything else

“Shake That” – Eminem – I found this song from the meme shitpost version of it called “you reposted in the wrong neighborhood” (KYM article here). this song is pretty unobjectionably bad, but it’s so self-aware and reveling in its misogyny that it’s hard for me to not smile a little bit in its unabashed lack of morals. Similarly, I like the appropriation of MLK (“I’ve been to the motherf***ing mountaintop”) because it’s so over-the-top sacrilegious. (Digression – For some reason, I seem to remember that Pogo did a remix of MLK speeches, but I can’t find it. Anyone else remember this?)

“Magical Nite” – oneboredjeu – MAGIC! x Kid Cudi – h/t shikexue. Jamming.

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Poetic Random Nerve Firings

When an engineer brags that they don’t like fiction That their bookmarks are filled of Medium articles and business koans Isn’t there something lost? You can not consume all the media in the world You can not consume all the media you want to consume You can not consume all the media you need to […]


Now that I’m doing Twitch streaming (inspired by my still not released Chinese Memefacturing post T_T), I’ve been working a bit more on my online presence. In the process, I went back and fixed a lot of old picture links on the blog, which led me to quickly skim through all of my old posts.

Looking at those old posts, the thing that really struck me was all of these contradictions. I feel like I’ve posted a lot, even though I know that my posting patterns were fairly infrequent. I feel like I’m a lot more of a bitter, burnt out person now and that I was a much more excitable person when I started litchin@; however, the questions that I had then are still the questions I have now.

I’m not sure what to think of it. I could take Whitman’s approach of “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes,” but that seems way too snarky.

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Link Anthology

  1. “He said I wrote about Death,” – Kim Dower
  2. “Change of Address” – Deborah Paredez
  3. “Sea Grapes” – Derek Walcott
  4. “Wife’s Disaster Manual” – Deborah Paredez
  5. “First Light” – Chen Chen
  6. “In the Museum of Lost Objects” – Rebecca Lindenberg
  7. “Blackout” – Margaret Fishback
  8. “Planetarium” – Adrienne Rich
  9. “Deception Story” – Solmaz Sharif
  10. “Maps” –  Yesenia Montilla
  11. “Constructive” – Heather McHugh
  12. “The Perfect Poem” – Kaveh Akbar
  13. “Studies Find” – Tallon Kennedy

When I went to look up for the website link for Derek Walcott. I found a lot of posts detailing the many accusations of sexual assault that he’s received. This is a pretty well-written article about it and about how we deal with separating the author from their work. Interestingly, Walcott’s Wikipedia page only makes a passing mention of the accusations.

In this respect, his politics is intersectional. And their approach was the same: To alter the reigning culture from within, to create a mirror that exposed its hypocrisies and prejudices, to make it their own. But by degrading women in his own life, Walcott falls into an intersectional trap, forcing one claim of liberty to be pitted against another.

Pretty amused that Deborah Paredez showed up in two different email lists but I liked both of her poems. Probably should check out a book of her’s sometime. I have apparently linked to Derek Walcott before but didn’t notice. I guess it’s also interesting that all the sexual assault allegations come up again after people die – the same thing happened to David Bowie.

#8 reminds me of my crappy experiments with shape poetry. I also really like the throwaway NOVA reference.

It really tickles me more than it should that triceratops showed up in #11.

Observe: MIT Libraries

This term, I became a student library worker in Hayden and the Library Storage Annex – making me a Hayden Maiden and part of the Annex Manics! Below are some compiled observations of my time there! Some are transcribed from Zephyr.

Cool Call Numbers (Library of Congress system):

  • GV1469 – Games and video games!
  • QA76.9.C66 – cyberculture  (which is amusingly surrounded by books about database structures and algorithms, as QA usually means “mathematics”)
  • P90 – new media overview
  • PN1988.3 – film studies
  • RC489.C – cognitive behavioral therapy
  • TX800-ish – food books, including the entire El Bulli catalog

Interesting Print Magazines:

  • Comics Journal – has lots of comics and does cool things with the medium, including printing upside down
  • Prairie Schooner – gorgeous bound literary journal

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Link Roundup

“Chop Suey” – Tongo – h/t Phil Arevalo for this. I don’t understand why this is a whole genre. Tongo has gotten famous from these really poor English translation covers, and it’s so strange.

I wonder if there’s something with Latin American culture that leads to this genre of nonsense songs. Tongo is from Peru while the infamous “Chacarron Macarron” comes from a Panamanian artist. The thing I like about Tongo more is that he puts a distinctive Hispanic twist to his songs and is very self aware of his ridiculousness rather than playing it straight.

“Here I Come” – Soul City – I found this song from a Youtube Grammarly commercial of all things. It’s 70’s motown enough to be real catchy (definitely getting cues from “Ain’t No Mountain” and the Supremes)

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