Observe: Homecoming

In April 2017, I was invited to give a brief talk at the Georgia FIRST Robotics Super-Regional thanks to Jeopardy fame. Of course, I went, because free trip home and I was also very curious how my team was doing 4 years after I had left. The Super-Regional was at UGA, which I had been to before over the summer, but not during the school year, so that was an interesting experience as well.

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Observe: Jeopardy – Pre-NDA

Welp it’s the night before I film for Jeopardy, so I just want to write up my thoughts before I get bound up with a NDA. I’ll be publishing an Observe post after my episodes air, but if you can’t wait, it’ll probably be similar to this MIT Admissions blog report.

Please don’t tempt me with messages asking me what happened – if you know me, I’ll already be really OMG HYPE HYPE if anything happens or OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED X if anything doesn’t happen, so it’s already going to be very hard for me to not freak out to anyone and I’d like to keep the money that I earn ^_^””

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