Contemplation on Jeopardy

I’ve finally finished cleaning out my aggregation of all of my Jeopardy observes into one post, so it’s time to share them out.

Posts can be found here and my compilation of social media comments can be found here. Passwords are [redacted – please contact me if interested]

I wanted to send this message out a while ago, closer to November, but 1) end of semester blues and 2) I’m sort of tired about the publicity. Rereading the observations make me feel like “dang, look at the bright-eyed bushy-tailed frosh”

#2 is particularly funny because I got an email in my inbox a couple of days ago from the Jeopardy staff that started out:

Hey Lilly,

Once again, you probably thought you were finished with us, didn’t you? Never.

That’s some horror movie level shizz right there 😛

Some meta observations:

  • I still feel really weird that this is such a defining thing for everyone else about me. Especially now that I’m coming into my own as a Young Researcher ™, I want to be known more for my robotics research than the 4 days I spent goofing off in LA.
  • At the same time, I recognize that this is a valuable fame experience that I can use, especially for continuing my humanities research interests, so I want to capitalize somewhat without cringing too badly.
  • The fact that I (almost certainly) got Jeopardy a lot of attention in the 18-35 advertisement age bracket makes me really kinda feel like this clip from Space Jam. We’ll see if this college tournament is just a bunch of xXx_420BlazeItHYPE_xXx
  • Being a Twitch streamer now is really funny because (1) unlike most streamers, I don’t care about the fame at all, (2) all of the trolls with their hateful baiting are extremely obvious, pathetic and hilarious. The channel with the most followers on Twitch is still 3 – 5x smaller than what Jeopardy draws.
  • I again repeat my assertion that “hey for learning how to deal with being thrust into the national stage at 22, it is better to learn these lessons by saying innocuously dumb stuff than to have had an affair with the president
  • Regardless of all of the mixed feelings, I’m still very glad to be part of the Jeopardy Contestant network. There has been such a warm and supportive group that really tries to help people with questions from all stages of life. It’s absolutely fascinating to see a community that transgress age so dramatically.

One thought on “Contemplation on Jeopardy

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