Link Roundup

“Haunted Dancehall” – Sabres of Paradise – Not much commentary. Just hit at an opportune moment and was really fitting for anger.

“Do you Wanna Date My Avatar” – The Guild – Last listened to this song in like high school. Clyde, the Zephyr chat bot was talking about this and made me remember this. Feels a lot more cringey than I remember. At least Felicia Day is still cool (and I still can’t believe she was targeted by GamerGate). There’s also “Game On” which is ok.

“I Ship It” – parody of I Love It – thinking about fandom culture of the above Guild songs reminded me of this one. I, uh, have definitely been abusing the term “ship” recently. I appreciate this song a lot.

Asians in the Library song – the intro of the above song reminds me of this response song to the Alexandra Wallace racist comments rant. Funny how the news cycle goes in waves – this isn’t really relevant anymore. The singer is related to Freddie Wong of RocketJump fame

It’s My Life” – Село і ЛюдиUkranians singing Bon Jovi???? With some James Bond thrown in there?? I’m confused but it fits well together

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Link Roundup

Garv Bomjam: This guy was a street musician and is one of the few musicians that I felt was awesome enough to give money. I saw him at South Station like this guy and thought his guitar playing was pretty dope. There’s quite a few videos of him on Youtube. He also has a Soundcloud (although I prefer the guitar stuff a bit more than the produced stuff):

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Link Roundup

“This Side of the Moon” – Gabrielle Aplin – songza helping me get my indie cred up

“The Three of Us” – Streetlight Manifesto – I had seen a ton of people wearing their shirts but didn’t know what their famous songs were. horkley introduced me to “That One Song” and I now understand why people enjoy jamming out to them

“Flood on the Floor” – Purity Ring – h/t achernya via beats@

“Leap Year Gal” – Shanic – h/t justinej. THIS HERE IS LLWU’S JAM

Neverhood Soundtrack – Showed up while I was listening to some quality Megaman. It’s a really unique point and click and worth a gander.

Bastion Soundtrack – While we’re talking about indie game with really nice soundtracks…

“Nights Like This” – W. Darling – h/t leee / achernya via beats@

“Lillian Lies” – Youth Group – that feel when your name comes up on Songza. 😐 reminds me of the time my high school friend showed me this song by Pink Martini. None of these songs make me appear particularly good 😛

Stay musical, my friends


Link Roundup

This edition of Link Roundup is mostly me stealing from other people 😛 These are songs that you may have missed since they were buried underneath a ton of other music. Timestamps omitted because a lot were compiled from previous posts on mellifluously@

“Delight” – James Berry – electroswing from Katie Biegel on Justine’s post for music.

“Blumenkranz” – Kill La Kill – some classic anime OST from Cesium on the Foreign Foreign Language post

“Dobbin’s Flowery Vale” – Rajaton – Scandinavian acapella from Cesium on the Foreign Foreign Language post. Can’t stop listening to it :3

“Balader” – Sexion D’Assaut – excellent French rap from Olivia – not previously featured on mellifuously@ !. I like musicazoo a lot because I get to hear cool things like this from everyone on Tetazoo 🙂

Amelie Sountrack – WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

“Aura” – Lady Gaga – Shown on Tetazoo by lsaint. The music video is just ridiculous and the lyrics are incredibly terribly amazing. Also, never forget that this is in the same universe as Spy Kids 😀 😀

“Wndrwll” – Niel Cierciega – Shown on FloorPi by Justine. It’s SUCH a well done and hilarious version of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”

Stay musical, my friends


Link Roundup

“Talk Dirty” covered by Postmodern Jukebox – They’re really good but this is by far my favorite one.

Estonian folk music – h/t Allan Sadun.

Indila – Dernière Danse – h/t Olivia Brode-Roger.

Galactic Empire State of Mind – Classic parody IMO.
I like Star Wars.

Greg Kihn Band – “The Breakup Song” – First heard on good ol’ 97.1 The River back in the day. Catchy.

Not Weird Al, but still “Pretty Fly (for a Jedi)” (I still like Star Wars)

Beyonce – “Countdown” – My homeroom in high school used to do a “Beyonce anthology” where we went through all of her stuff – from Destiny Child days to “Camern: a Hiphopera” to this, which had just come out at the time. If you don’t know the original, watch this and marvel at the dude’s video editing skills / eyebrow game.

Kingston Trio – “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” – Someday I’ll make a 60’s post, but this is not the day.

Kush Songs and Remixes – I blame Lawrence Wu 420% for getting this (specifically the “Next Episode” remix) stuck in my head


Other recommendations: 
modern Uyghur music

Link Roundup

Happy Monday! Another link roundup post.

I went on a hiking trip with my mentor and Fedya Manin (Do any of y’all know him? Former Mathcamper) on Saturday, so I listened to 3 hours of my mentor’s music as we drove up to Awenda Provincial Park. A few songs stood out in my head:

“The Weight” – The Band – He had a cover which had a female singer. I don’t remember who it was, so I’m just linking to the original (The Band is awesome, btw. Check out their cover of Springsteen’s “Atlantic City“. (Also check outSpringsteen. We actually did a comparison of the two different versions for an English class once. Also did analysis of this Springsteen song in an unrelated class.)) It was interesting because there was a lot of change of gendered words which I thought was a bit unnecessary (son -> hon)

“You’ve Got the Dirtee Love” – Florence and the Machine + Dizzee Rascal – When I was listening to this song, I was like “Huh, this guy sounds like the British dude who raps on Bonkers”. I asked my mentor but he had never heard of “Bonkers” before. I feel validated that I’m right 😛

“Short People” – Randy Newman –  My new theme song

Stay musical, my friends


Link Roundup


“Do I Wanna Know?” – Arctic Monkeys
All I can think of is the Six Hertz shirt. Except for y’know, the part where the scantily clad girls come in.

“Love Shack” – B52s
Just realized that this song is set in Georgia (“I’m headin down the Atlanta Highway”). This explains the adult store I used to pass by a lot more…

“Angry White Boy Polka” – Weird Al
I really appreciate Shi-Ke showing me these. This is by far my favorite polka parody. I still expect it to be “All the other Slim Shadies are just masturbating” instead of “imitating” because of this video


“Beginnings” – Wes Montgomery (album)
Because we all need some smooth jazz in our life. Found via work chat

– Lilly Chin

Another recommendation from mellifluously@: 

The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery:

Assorted Links

Here’s just an assortment of good music that I’ve got backlogged because I haven’t had a chance to share them with other people:

2/17 – One of George Friedlander’s favorite music videos: “Do the Evolution” – Pearl Jam

6/9 – Violin cover of Voodoo Child!!

6/16 – I created a new Pandora station based on Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know” and The Heavy’s “Short Change Hero”. Got some quality first results like bluegrass-esque cover of “99 Problems” .

6/17 – “Johnny Be Fair“, a funny Irish folk song. The version that came up on Pandora was Sonya Hunter, but I couldn’t find her on Youtube. Name reminds me of Johnny B. Goode

(Yes, Chuck Berry is representative of American music on the Golden Record, so aliens will know how to ROCK AND ROLL! Fun fact: they wanted to get the Beatles on here with “Here Comes the Sun”, but couldn’t get permission from the record company T_T)

6/19 via work chat: Electric Hurdy Gurdy – ridiculously awesome!