A Study in Black and Gray

A Study in Black and Gray
Lawrence Wu, 2015
Photograph series of performance art

This intense 5-part series documents the internal struggle inherent within all men. As the artist tosses, turns and even transgresses the standard barriers of our Platonic conception of the word “couch”, the artist forces us to reconsider our common understanding of “bodily autonomy”, replacing it instead with the horrific realization that we all are mere pawns to the whims of the Institute. The artist’s wild contortions echo the undergrad’s plight of trying – and failing – to balance work, life and sleep.

“Nice Things” – a poem

There aren’t many nice things left in the world
I should know; I checked yesterday
I could only find like five things

The sunset turning the clouds pink over the fresh pond
A flickering fluorescent bulb in a warm kitchen
Some little house full of books, open for all

I’ll take you there, not to test you
not to see your eyes glaze over
but to laugh, sing and ponder
before we fade as well

Quickly typed out, inspired by a conversation by Meta Land / Cosmic Moose House. If you don’t know what this is, poke me! It’s a nice thing.