Tau Beta Pi

Talk about the most unforgettable experience you’ve ever had (500 words) Calling something “the most unforgettable” is kind of weird. At first, when I read this prompt, I was very confused. I know that the question is fishing for BIG events – the windsurfing in the Caribbean, the mission trip in Africa, y’know, the stuff […]

CMS.616 Readings and Mafia

For class today, we had to read a bunch of interesting articles which talk about mafia. First: “The Promise of Play: A New Approach to Productive Play” – Lindtner and Dourish. This article actually talks about the Chinese version of Mafia, called “The Killer Game” and how it is actually a really upper class game, […]

Tech Op-Ed

I wrote an op-ed for The Tech, MIT’s student-run newspaper. It’s basically the more optimistic / action-oriented version of earlier security screeds, best summarized by my Burchard Scholars essay here. It’s been interesting to see who has come up to ++ my writing and also who came out to help me with copy-editing. Even after […]


“You only like Prufrock because it struck you in your formative years when you were young and angsty and feeling adrift. The cute imagery stuck in your head, gnawing away with its coffee spoons like Holden and his draining prattle of phonies.” “Then again, it was the first and one of the only poems that […]


Part of a reply to someone else’s guest post. I went to the ICA as part of ring delivery. James Rowan and I hightailed it to the art gallery area while everyone else got their rings so that was how we got a half hour to ourselves. Attached is a picture of one of the […]