Link Roundup

“Teir Abhaile Riu” – Celtic Woman – just some classic well-done tunes

“One Way Ticket” – Eruption – Not sure why I’m on a disco kick, but I think it has something to do with discovering Donna Summer’s “I Found Love” in the last roundup

“My Sharona” – The Knack –  still on a 70s kick

“hydrogen money” – kmlkmljkl  – h/t rusch this is fricking lit AF

“No Heaven” – Champion – sadun amusingly queued this and the Borderlands version popped up, so he dequeued it and put the same one up 😛 Dang, I should probably play Borderlands, although the normal game music is pretty meh. Their promo music is always with this good bluesy tracks with a beat.

“Killing Me” – iKON – h/t Crystal — ungh that drop at 1:05 is sick. For some reason the music video version sounds better than to me than the studio version.

No Party for Cao Dong – I was looking for weekday clubbing events and this group showed up in Middle East’s lineup. The name piqued my interest so I checked them out. They have a really interesting sound, especially with the mix of quiet loud

“What Do You Mean?” – Eminem (not actually – it’s a mashup) –  honestly shouldn’t be this catchy. Also, really why do I know all of the lyrics to this thanks to Homestuck >_<“” –

“Boys” – Lizzo – there’s something unbearably annoying about this and also something unbearably catchy about it – whether it’s the near-“I’m bringing sexy back” / “blurred lines” beat, the 4-3-2 refrain, or the boys listing similar to “American Boy” or “California Girls” (EDIT: Of course, now it’s burned into my head after making a music video for Lizhou from this)

“Wow Wow” (Instrumental) – Neil Cicierega – I didn’t realize this was an original composition. He’s really dang good. It also shows that it works well with the original lyrics because it turns out that as long as you got a beat, rap fits decently well. It’s also hilarious hearing the original lyrics now after being so used to Neil’s glorification.

“BGM #8” – Simple DS Series Vol. 01 – The Mahjong – h/t justinej / mitchlee who says ” there is a lot of oddly high quality music written for online mahjong games”, exemplified by the term “Mahjong Bangers

“Doot with the Sickness“. Thanks Jonah from our terrible radio show

I set up a Youtube Music playlist from one of my favorite dance songs “Burn (Let Your Mind Go” and man lot of club bangers (although I think this mainly just shows I like KSHMR)


“A Tribe Called Red” – Angel Haze – h/t Ava. Not as much of a fan of the rest of her songs, but this one really scratches an itch

Zaghlala” by Islam Chipsy, performed by Kronos Quartet — h/t James Rowan, who saw the Kronos Quartet live. Really cool adaptation of Egyptian club music — I particularly like the one person drummer / violinist

“Concerto Grosso” – German Division – Connor Duffy sent me a bunch of techno recs — I like this one the most

“Crab Rave” – Noisestorm – came up when listening to Youtube Music seeded with Seth Everman

“Phantom (Redux)” – SHIRT – unngh all the rhythms are just on point

“The Virus” (feat. Saul Williams and Chippewa Travellers)” – A Tribe Called Red – Something about this really makes me feel like “Grosse Fatigue” mixed with some really cool beats and chanting. Found via seeding with the earlier Angel Haze song, which they apparently collab’ed on

“Collard Greens” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) — ScHoolboy Q
Attempt one to find this song: “thirty three things on an evergreen like that lyrisc”
Attempt two: “chimmy ching ching lyrics”
Just something about this chugga chugga beat

“Happy” – cover by John Butler Trio – h/t sadun

“Feel Good Inc.” – cover by Celia Pavey – h/t cesium, feels like a much better Lana Del Rey. I love her twist on the rap section

“Monster” – dodie – Came up on seeding Youtube Music with Bill Wurtz tunes. I can’t get over the E that comes up in the chorus >_>””. Definitely a similar vibe to Lily Allen’s “Who’d have Known“. Another one I like from the seed: “I Go Crazy” – Orla Gartland

“Give Me the Night” – George Benson — OH MY GOD THIS FUNKY BEAT AS SOON AS IT CAME ON WAS JUST INSTANT BOP. Found via seeding with Grover Washington / Bill Wither’s “Just the Two of Us“.

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