Link Roundup

“Electric Feel (Justice Remix)” – MGMT – h/t sadun – what a jammin banger tbh (although it really sounds like “electric eel” now though

“Lovely Day” – Alt-J – I’m honestly just so happy that it’s summer

“Boots” – Kesha – h/t sadun from a Discord party.

“Evelyn” – Kim Tillman and Silent Films – h/t cesium. Song grew on me really quickly. Fan of the chugga chugga rhythm and the Prufrock

Going through the NYTimes top 25 of 2017:

  • Leonard Cohen’s “You Want It Darker” is super growly like a good Johnny Cash and makes me realize I should really check out more of his work because god, the lyrics and the power
  • Although the article talked about the Pentatonix version, I had never heard Dolly Parton’s original “Jolene” before. It’s such a different country song and man, her singing is just so plaintive that it tugs hard

“Freedom” – Richie Havens – got on a Woodstock kick and man, this really just sends some chills and I’m not sure why. Also, good lord, it’s all improv according to the comments. I also forgot how good the Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner is

“Fasta” – Kah-Lo – on an ad for apple watch and enjoyed it. Too bad most of Kah-Lo’s stuff just sounds really similar – kinda like Arctic Monkeys.

“No Roots” – Alice Merton – Oh boy, don’t know how I missed this!! How is this Ofenbach’s “Be Mine” + Florence and the Machine all in one song??

“Rich Friends” – Portugal: The Man – not sure how this missed an earlier roundup – Ray Hua showed me this a while ago, I think? The music video is on point and definitely hits my CMS feels.

“Fancy Shoes” – Steam Powered Giraffe – the funky riff is good although the lyrics could be incorporated better, I think. The lyrics are basically what I always imagine the plot to Kinky Boots to be since I don’t know anything about it ^_^”

Eurah put on a couple of Tiny Desk Concerts. I especially liked the following

  • Rodrigo y Gabriela – hardcore awesome guitar – check out “Hanuman” and “Diablo Rojo“. Looking at my Pandora history, I had actually listened to them quite a bit, but just didn’t put a name to sound.
  • Fantastic Negrito – as sadun puts it upon listening to “An Honest Man” — “ah yes an aggressive bluesy humming and slow backbeat? Fast track to ltchin’s upvote” – check out “Push Back” as well

Big Beat Repeat – Josh Powell – h/t sadun. Rock instrumentals? in my HP6 soundtrack??? It’s more likely than you think.

Persephone – Retro Funky (Sundance Remix) – h/t sadun – unnnngh funky AF!

“Shy Bandit’s Theme” – Paper Mario: Color Splash – h/t withrow  after talking about how frustrating it was that Color Splash’s gameplay wasn’t great but writing + music was on point

We had a really solid Discord party

Went to see Dessa in concert with Ava. Most were from her new album which I was less familiar with, but man, I’m glad I went. Favorite new song – “5 out of 6

“Scarecrow (feat. Dope Diana)” – Black°Adam – my friend from high school shared a new track and people were actually really hyped about it more than average. I gave it a listen and yeah, it’s actually really good.

Random Youtube listening – “Instant Crush” – Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas – Way jamming but in a quiet gentle way. Reminds me a lot of Alan Parsons Project – “Sirius / Eye in the Sky”. No idea how I didn’t hear this before!

_house was watching Muppets and saw this Swedish Chef. I couldn’t remember the name of what song the Swedish Chef was playing but I couldn’t stop thinking “let the bodies hit the floor” “let the bodies hit the floor” with the rhythm. I spent a while googling “let the bodies hit the floor mashup” and now I realize it’s this jerkwad – Neil Cierciega’s “Floor Corn“.

help I’m trash and I marinate in trash

“I Feel Love” – Donna Summer – OMG THIS IS THE ORIGINAL THAT GOT SAMPLED A TON. ” Wikipedia says this is the origin of electronic dance music and is “one of the most influential records ever made” orz orz orz

“First of the Storms / Hedwig’s Equinox” – Astro_Kid – h/t cesium – kinda screamed with the subtle entrance >_<

“Personal Jesus” – Depeche Mode – Really been addicted to this, playing it at least a couple times a day and not sure why

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