Observe: Homecoming

In April 2017, I was invited to give a brief talk at the Georgia FIRST Robotics Super-Regional thanks to Jeopardy fame. Of course, I went, because free trip home and I was also very curious how my team was doing 4 years after I had left. The Super-Regional was at UGA, which I had been to before over the summer, but not during the school year, so that was an interesting experience as well.

  • On the way over, saw both MIT and Stone Mountain from the air
  • Tall lanky kid from 1771 (our rival team and also the team Charles Guan founded) that I remember as the team captain is now a ref for the competition, huh
  • Walking around UGA – wow the archetype of the “long blonde hair, white girl, white dress” is almost nonexistent in my life now, but it’s everywhere here, huh
  • Nothing has changed on the team – the kids are mad about the increased enforcement of rules, the kids want to put in more hours on the robot and are frustrated that the teachers won’t reciprocate their drive, and finally the back of the t-shirt says APFL, which is in a similar vein to acronyms from my year like DWAC and “We piss excellence” in runes
  • While there, ended up getting invited to a frat party called “Showercap”. Since it was the middle of the day, I thought it would just be a chill get-together on the porch of a frat. It turned out to be the largest frat party of the year at a school known for constantly being on the Top 10 Party School lists. BOY this was a time – live band, Chik-fil-a truck, tailgate party, basketball court, etc. all in a single fraternity compound which was the size of an entire city block. I never even went to the front half of the party since I was so overwhelmed by the back half
    • Really funny because all of the random people that I remembered from high school kept coming up to me and reintroducing themselves (also asking random trivia questions that they could think of)
  • Tol turned out to be a huge Jeopardy fan – had a surprisingly decent conversation with someone I kind of ignored for most of high school
  • Most amusing part was that all of the men were significantly fatter now – just about half an inch added in thickness to everyone’s face. Friend postulated that this was because of added beer weight.
  • Sweet Hut is now a fricking empire – now they have stores in Plano, TX!!
  • My mom was really impressed by my dancing skills from the Jeopardy behind the scenes video and said that I “danced like a snake”. My dad says “yeah you better dance well considering you broke 3 glasses from dancing :P”

Finally some MIT observes that occurred around the same time

  • Went to a game studies talk about idle games (notes forthcoming) and met Paul in OEIT who was UROP mentor for many of my friends. Found out that TL and Mikael are doing most of the theory in game studies at MIT – everyone else focused more on game design
  • Passed a weird contraption in the middle of the street with some students on the way back. Turns out it was the Course 1 capstone class and they were measuring car emissions
  • Got a goddang “hey MIT alumni! Vote for your MIT Corporation representative” in the middle of a goddang mobile game???

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