Link Roundup

“Fire” – Arthur Brown – just some classic 60s proto-metal

“crushcrushcrush” (vocals-only canon) – Paramore – h/t cesium, who showed me when I showed kmli remixes. A serendipitous tumblr canon. IT’S SO GOOD??? I also like the commentary of canons and fugues

“Tricerahops” – Too many ZOOZ – h/t chencs. I’m a huge fan of the stutter-step horns

“Leviathan” – Mouse on the Keys – h/t ermain. I really like the name of the band because it really is a kind of unique random style.

“A Samurai’s Death” – Ricko James – h/t cyqwang.  She got it from the test music that Unbox Therapy was using for testing the $3000 bluetooth speaker. I also like another song they used, “Bangster Shit” – Crux Muzik

“Waiting in Line” – Mal Blum – one of the really nice things about living in _house is listening / singing with Eurah in the evenings. She had played this one a couple of times, but this night, she switched “anthropology” for “comparative media studies”, which really hit me in the feels. I guess Mal Blum is growing on me.

“Nobody Speak” – DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels – we were having a musicazoo party and rejberg put this on. The video and music are just so good unngh. I love the little details like the Dr. Strangelove-esque establishing shot or the final callback to the Boston bussing protests photograph

OMG FOUND MY GOOGLE PLAY JAM – CHIPTRONICA CARNIVAL . One highlight: Old Skool (Nitro Fun remix)

“Be Mine” – Ofenbach – not usually my genre, but feels jamming to me for some reason

“Cold Cold Cold” – Cage the Elephant – showed up on Pandora once and has honestly been stuck in my head ever since.

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – Annie Lennox – Eurah is really frickin hyped about Christmas because it means she can play Christmas carols. She gave this one as a sampler because she really likes the power in Lennox’s vocals, aka. “this definitely does not make me feel tidings of comfort and joy”. Definitely agree! I also really appreciate this live version, because as Eurah puts it “these middle americans have no idea what they’re going to get”

“Triple Double” – Girl Talk – I had heard the “Paint it black and yellow” sample, but never the full thing. Hot DANG, I understand why my FIRST robotics team was so excited about going to his concert.

“Throwdown at the Hoedown” – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones – h/t ermain  – HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP HWERE HAS THIS BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Saved the beats@ post because featured bluegrass but omfg this this this

“Apricot Brandy” – Rhinoceros – the classic ‘get cool new music via puzzle hunt’

“New Rules” – Dua Lipa – Trashy song but catchy

Five Hours – Deorro – why is this so catchy

Recently remembered that psycosis91 exists. Why are all of these so trash and why do I love them so much.

I’m checking out more Nina Simone because I’ve heard her sampled in a lot. Her vocals are so powerful! I was surprised to hear her version of “I Put a Spell On You” because I really only knew the CCR version. I think I like Nina Simone’s better because it’s so raw. I also appreciate the Arthur Brown version because it’s just characteristically goofy (which is itself taking on Screaming Jay Hawkins‘ original goofiness)

Checking out more Run the Jewels – really like “Hey Kids!“, especially that juicy hook of “Hey! Hey k-! Hey kids!”

Tsugaru – RevenG vs. De-Sire – h/t ermain. I goddang love me some phat DDR beats.

“Demons on the Dancefloor” – Tay Zonday – checking out his current material. The lyrics are really dumb and the autotune parts are even dumber, but I love it for that “F you I’m going to dance” attitude. Similar to “Gypsy Woman” by Crystal Waters (although I still prefer the DDR version)


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