Observe: Summer 2016

Written up in 2/2/2018. All of these are from the Summer of 2016, when I was working at Apple in Cupertino, California. It’s been a while, so some are left unexpanded from the initial thought

  • My close family friend’s daughter, Jackie, is still wearing the silicone wrist band I gave her when she asked for one for a “good luck charm” for getting into colleges since I had done so well on my cycle
  • Saw a car with a Cheesy Poofs 254 sticker. Meanwhile, Jackie’s mom told me about an armed robbery that happened in the parking deck. (This mom is particularly good at tact; she was the one who told me how Luchang died)
  • oooooomg the pokemon go craze is insane. The mountain view park used to be completely empty, but now it’s completely swarmed with people ._.
  • I SAW THE SQUARE R12 IN PUBLIC!!! Kinda freaked out the bubble tea lady when I was like “YOO!! I WORKED ON THIS!”
  • Kevin Morrow and Evie are working at the same drone company, huh.
  • After watching old cringey E3s, I finally found the game that I had seen in a Taiwanese arcade: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dance_Evolution
  • mailbox shadow moved to ghost
  • I was walking home and saw a guy biking without using his hands, yelling “I feel so alive!!”
  • “Make apps not war”
  • Played through Ada’s game from Interactive Narrative.  Not sure how I feel about my former advisor, John Hart, literally being God >_>”””

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