Observe: Maine

Written up 2/2/2018.

In March 2016, James and I took a “spring break” trip to Maine, which ended up being more of a winter break trip.


  • Still find it weird that New Hampshire advertises its liquor stores on official government highway signs.
  • Weirdly there was a road sign reporting distances in kilometres
  • I was just telling James how the best road trip food was Cracker Barrel and LO AND BEHOLD WHAT SHOULD COME UP IN THE NEXT EXIT SIGN BUT A CRACKER BARREL!!!
  • We stayed in Ellsworth, Maine. There was a Shaw’s right across the street. We happily took advantage of not being in Puritan Massachusetts by buying wine.
  • Overall, people were really nice and friendly to us – making small talk with us at the supermarket or gas station. Everyone made a big deal out of James’ Texas driver’s license.


  • Layer of snow came over night and blanketed the parking lot
  • Being southerners, we called local diner to see if they were open and the lady got a bit offended and said “we’ve been open since 6 AM”
  • Drove to the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Scary moment where I turned into the park a bit too fast and went WHUMP into a snowbank
  • Were unsure if there was a trail we could hike because it was all snowed out, but then we noticed some footprints and followed those in.
  • Ended up being like going through a postcard. Completely surreal experience of walking through these pictureseque quiet snowy woods.


  • Stayed at a really sketchy Travelodge in Portland. Next to the Travelodge was a Denny’s which has one of the best Yelp reviews I’ve ever seen. We did not eat at the Denny’s
    • Found out in Spring 2017 ish that Andrew and his friend, Corrin used to meme at this Denny’s + Travelodge all the time.


  • Walked around Fort Williams Park near Portland.
  • The cliff walk was really pretty. Really interesting to see how different the rocky coast was between Cape Elizabeth on the east coast and Pacifica on the west coast
  • Part of the park had this old mansion that had the interior fenced off for “safety”. It was really amusing because it was so clear that this is where the local kids went to smoke weed, especially when we found a big hole cut through the chain link fence.
    • Got confirmation of this in September 2016 from dininno

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