Link Anthology: Fall 2017

There are a lot of poems this time since I haven’t been doing this for a while, so they’re all below the cut

  1. “La Sirena y El Pescador” – Elisa Chavez
  2. “I Sing the Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out” – Andrea Gibson
  3. “Consider the Hands that Write this Letter” – Aracelis Girmay
  4. “Saudade” – John Freeman
  5. “Analysis of Baseball” – May Swenson
  6. “Antique” – Robert Pinsky
  7. “Three Trees” – Mary Jo Bang
  8. “Losing the Narrative” – Lynn Melnick
  9. “Losses” – Andrew Motion
  10. “Song of Welcome” – Joseph Brodsky
  11. “Ars Poetica?” – Czeslaw Milosz
  12. “Fly” – Gary Johnson
  13. “Plotted” – Robert Lowell
  14. “Radial Scent” – Sharon Wang
  15. “The Great Society” – Robert Bly
  16. “December, Fever” – Joy Katz
  17. “The Gift” – Li-Young Lee
  18. “The Watergate” – Rodney Jones
  19. excerpt from “Surge” – Etel Adnan
  20. “No King, No King of Kings” – Raza Ali Hasan
  21. “Where the Sky Meets the Earth” – W. Todd Kaneko
  22. “Dust of Snow” – Robert Frost
  23. “Psalm to be Read with Closed Eyes” – D. Nurske
  24. “Account” – Czeslaw Milosz
  25. “For It Felt Like Power” – Carl Phillips
  26. “Heart” – Dorianne Laux
  27. “Market Forecast” – Alexa Selph
  28. “I Walk Into Every Room and Yell Where The Mexicans At” – José Olivarez
  29. “Everyone In Me Is a Bird” – Melissa Studdard
  30. “Love Story” – Marilyn Chin
  31. “His Stillness” – Sharon Olds
  32. “American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin” – Terrance Hayes (begins “Inside me is a black-eyed animal”)
  33. “American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin” – Terrance Hayes (begins “But there never was a black male hysteria”)
  34. “Still When I Picture It the Face of God Is a White Man’s Face” – Shane McCrae
  35. “[That]” – Leslie Harrison
  36. excerpt from “WHEREAS” – Layli Long Soldier
  37. “The Driest Place on Earth” – Shanna Compton
  38. “The Second Trying” – Dahlia Ravikovitch
  39. “Given to Rust” – Vievee Francis
  40. “Epistemology” – Catherine Barnett
  41. “Colors of the Comanche Nation Flag” – Stuart Youngman “Sy” Hoahwah
  42. “Not at the Grave of Dylan Thomas” – Stephen Kampa
  43. “Quarantine” – Fanny Choi
  44. “Money Won’t Change It (but time will take you on)” – Cornelius Eady

h/t cesium for #1 who sent it to me after I talked about my feelings about bilingual poetry in the last Link Anthology.  I covered the English side because that’s just normally what I do with translated poetry and I was freaked out. Then I read the English side and I was even more freaked out and then I read the text at the bottom and I’m still pretty squicked out

h/t chencs for #2 – she put it down as a soundtrack for a spin jam and I was initially going to put it down in Link Roundup, but it hit me a lot harder than I expected.

I found myself being drawn to the sound of her breaths. I feel like it’s almost a trope for spoken word to rush and have short breaths, but what I felt different about Gibson’s was that – yes they were distracting, but she was not speaking fast or screaming. Instead, her breaths were ragged from the sheer amount of intensity that she was putting into her words. Focusing on the breaths also added greater weight to the urgency in her words – especially with lines like

This, is my body
My exhaustion pipe will never pass inspection
And still my lungs know how to breathe like a burning map every time I get lost behind the curtain of her hair

Re: #5 – I’m still amused how much of a sucker I am for nontraditional formats

Re: #6 – this poem really well echoes my thoughts I often have when I visit the portrait gallery of a museum. All of these people who cared so much that they paid through the nose to have their portrait painted, but now all of their stories are forgotten.

Re: #7 – I admit that part of the only reason I included this one was for the description of Jimmy Neutron as having a “fetishistic pompadour”

#9 hits harder than expected although I’m not sure why. Same with #36

#12 is here because it’s adding yet another nuance to my character of The Girl With The Fish Wings

#15 – I just love the single imagery it gives. Feels like Yeats’ “The Second Coming” mashed up with Springsteen’s “Atlantic City

I seem to like Czeslaw Milosz, although rip relying on translation.

I was initially confused by the two Terrance Hayes poems until I found this interview.  Interestingly enough, one was featured from Poetry Foundation and the other was on . The interview itself is kind of boring though? I wonder why I feel this way.

h/t Mehitabel for #42

Amusingly, I’m starting to get repeats from other Link Anthologies. At least I’m consistent in liking them. Those and other old favorites that were linked in the daily report are below:

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