Link Anthology

  1. “He said I wrote about Death,” – Kim Dower
  2. “Change of Address” – Deborah Paredez
  3. “Sea Grapes” – Derek Walcott
  4. “Wife’s Disaster Manual” – Deborah Paredez
  5. “First Light” – Chen Chen
  6. “In the Museum of Lost Objects” – Rebecca Lindenberg
  7. “Blackout” – Margaret Fishback
  8. “Planetarium” – Adrienne Rich
  9. “Deception Story” – Solmaz Sharif
  10. “Maps” –  Yesenia Montilla
  11. “Constructive” – Heather McHugh
  12. “The Perfect Poem” – Kaveh Akbar
  13. “Studies Find” – Tallon Kennedy

When I went to look up for the website link for Derek Walcott. I found a lot of posts detailing the many accusations of sexual assault that he’s received. This is a pretty well-written article about it and about how we deal with separating the author from their work. Interestingly, Walcott’s Wikipedia page only makes a passing mention of the accusations.

In this respect, his politics is intersectional. And their approach was the same: To alter the reigning culture from within, to create a mirror that exposed its hypocrisies and prejudices, to make it their own. But by degrading women in his own life, Walcott falls into an intersectional trap, forcing one claim of liberty to be pitted against another.

Pretty amused that Deborah Paredez showed up in two different email lists but I liked both of her poems. Probably should check out a book of her’s sometime. I have apparently linked to Derek Walcott before but didn’t notice. I guess it’s also interesting that all the sexual assault allegations come up again after people die – the same thing happened to David Bowie.

#8 reminds me of my crappy experiments with shape poetry. I also really like the throwaway NOVA reference.

It really tickles me more than it should that triceratops showed up in #11.

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