Link Roundup

“Chop Suey” – Tongo – h/t Phil Arevalo for this. I don’t understand why this is a whole genre. Tongo has gotten famous from these really poor English translation covers, and it’s so strange.

I wonder if there’s something with Latin American culture that leads to this genre of nonsense songs. Tongo is from Peru while the infamous “Chacarron Macarron” comes from a Panamanian artist. The thing I like about Tongo more is that he puts a distinctive Hispanic twist to his songs and is very self aware of his ridiculousness rather than playing it straight.

“Here I Come” – Soul City – I found this song from a Youtube Grammarly commercial of all things. It’s 70’s motown enough to be real catchy (definitely getting cues from “Ain’t No Mountain” and the Supremes)

“Beatophone” – Caravan Palace – mmm that’s some good beats if I do say so myself (and I do say so)

“Lune de Papier” – Andrea Lindsay – I like the combination of French and English. It reminds me a bit of Mother Falcon. The circus beat really reminds me of another band who I can’t remember for the life of me.

“Pictures of Lily”  – The Who – Maggie, the contestant producer, would keep referencing this song when she called up my name, but I only just now remembered to look it up. I don’t really like this much – The Who’s definitely done better stuff. It’s also definitely about masturbation which is mildly uncomfortable, especially given feels about being a media object >_>”

“In a Bag” – Jessafur with Gorillaz. Not as good as the other bag song, but I want a mashup now.

Stay musical, my friends.


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