Link Anthology

  1. “Resume” – Dorothy Parker
  2. “Who Makes Love to Us After We Die” – Diana Marie Delgado
  3. “The Fist” – Derek Walcott
  4. “Thoughts While Walking” – Maxwell Bodenheim
  5. “In California: Morning, Evening, Late January” – Denise Levertov
  6. “At the Metropolitan Museum” – Matthew Siegel
  7. “Within Two Weeks the African American Poet Ross Gay is Mistaken for Both the African American Poet Terrance Hayes and the African American Poet Kyle Dargan, Not One of Whom Looks Anything Like the Others” – Ross Gay
  8. “Tomorrowland” – Megan Snyder-Camp

I’ve never seen “prose poems” before and I’m not sure if they really are a thing. For one, the emphasis and meaning seems as you scale the window and change line lengths. That seems like giving a lot of control over to the reader which I guess might be part of the point?

#4 and #5 just sound like poems I would write which is why I kinda selfishly like them.

I could have sworn I read #6 before, but that’s impossible since it’s from 2017.

I am a sucker for long title names. It carries beyond poems too, like “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” or the endless “It’s X But Everytime Y, Z happens” memes.

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