Whimsical Map of the Institute

This is an old post – I took the picture on Feb. 4th, 2016 and only have now gotten around to doing the write up for this.

I was in 38-4, the EECS office, in order to get some paperwork signed and found this really cool map posted on one of the cubicle walls – “A Whimsical Map of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1944-5”


A few observations:

  • The building numbering is all different. I’m not sure if buildings 28 – 30 exist anymore? 35 seems to have jumped across Vassar to replace Building 23.
  • It seems there were a lot more museums in the past. The only one that seems to have remained is the Nautical Museum in 5-1. Would have loved to see the Geological Museum
  • Most of the named rooms seem to have remained but the only one whose purpose seems to be the same is the Margaret Cheney Room.
  • I like it when old rooms remain much the same like materials testing in building 1.
  • Glass Lab and Forging / Welding have been moved into the 4-0 from 4-2 / 8 -2 and (fake) 35.
  • Why does Bexley have baby imagery? O_O
  • Walker and the dorms are not labelled with numbers.
  • Dupont does not appear to exist, so the rifle range is absurdly close to the dorms.
  • I did not realize 14 or the McDermott Dot were relatively new.

What do y’all think? Have you seen this before?


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