Link Roundup

This roundup dedicated to sadun who wanted new music to listen to. Thanks for everyone for actually listening to my trash tastes :3

“Hold Up” – Beyonce. Ok yeah yeah, I know I’m late to the Lemonade party, but like I finally watched the videos and honestly, I’m so impressed with the visuals (future writeup forthcoming). Also, I can’t take anything with air horns seriously anymore, so partly sharing it for that.

“Yoshi’s Dinosaur Egg Hunt (Papa Skunk Remix)” – Mochipet. Showed up on Pandora and I was like “omg did they really sample yoshi”

“Conquistador” – Procol Harum. h/t gwenf. I think she’s got a record player maybe because it definitely sounded much warmer when she played it. Nevertheless as someone who only knows of Procol Harum for “Whiter Shade of Pale“, I’m a big fan of this.

“Shot” – Moon Hooch . h/t eurahko. Groovy AF

“music genre: video game” – Seth Everman. A really dumb and amusing musical ditty taking a lot of stuff from classic video game tropes. Speaking of Youtube personalities who do a lot of interesting experiments with music, if you haven’t looked at Andrew Huang’s stuff, you’re severely missing out.

Live Snow White mix – Pogo. Continuing the trend of Youtube musicians, I guess. I’ve talked about Pogo in the past, but he is just so great in this. Definitely a lot more energy and less ethereal spacey quality than his usual mixes (ex. compare his other Snow White mix). Also omg I love his energy as he’s just super jamming out to his own tunes The Black Key’s “Lonely Boy”

Stay musical, my friends.


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