Link Roundup

“Big Dater” – Big Data. I really dig those juicy beats and the hilarious artistic use of dialup. Fun fact: I had dialup until April 2011, so this brings back feels for me.

Here’s a nifty sampling example. Rob Dougan’s “Clubbed to Death” (made famous via The Matrix) and Elgar’s “Enigma Variations”. They also claim that Holst’s “Jupiter” is in there, but I’m not sure if I agree with that as much. Also, I found out that one of the French rap groups I like, Sexion D’Assaut totally used “Clubbed to Death” as a backing track once.

“Explode” – Tay Zonday – Part of my childhood experiences, trawling Youtube. Listened to this after finding about his more famous “Chocolate Rain” and the tune has stayed with me for quite a while. There’s also “Chasing Eden” which I really don’t like very much but the way he sings “Tigris and Euphrates” stuck with me for some reason. Thought about Zonday again after rewatching Weezer’s “Pork and Beans“, which now feels like a great time capsule of that era. Also, test how well you remember your memes from 2008 with this puzzle from Mathcamp

Rap God in 40 styles – This is also kind of old, but mostly including it here because I don’t actually recognize all of the styles. The ones that I did, I got a big kick out of. 2Pac, Die Antwoord and Daddy Yankee stood out to me the most. I also kind of wish that Ray Charles and Justin Timberlake actually recorded songs that fast. It probably also says something about me that I recognize more styles for this one

“Secret” – Missy Higgins. This came up on Thumbprint Radio for me, but it was so far back that I don’t even remember it. It’s a good jam! Reminds me a lot of Dessa’s “Mineshaft 2” in style

“Roundtable Rival” – Lindsey Stirling. Your good ol’ rockstar-dancing-with-a-violin-which-looks-a-bit-awkward-but-come-on-dancing-with-a-violin-is-hard.

Beautiful Heartbeat (Deorro Remix) – MORTEN“. I had a spontaneous music party and someone from beats@ (leee perhaps?) shared this. A bit slow to start but really jamming at the end.

“Night Sky” – NAK x Wy-i. h/t justinej. Like oooomg, I did not realize how much I needed Ghibli x rap. 

“Seventh Element” – Vitas.  h/t Withrow. I love this “crazy Russian space man”. The video is just great. His singing in another song, “Opera #2” sounds similar to another Russian-language singer, Alex Rybak who I’ve talked about before. Until you get to 0:45 and it gets SO REAL.

I found out that I really like the bands Joywave and Big Data a lot at this point. At first I thought that they were the same band because they collaborated together on “Dangerous“. Both do a really good job of being very danceable and a good use of electronic sounds. I’ve already linked “Big Dater” up there, so here’s Joywave’s “Destruction“.

The last Homestuck album dropped, so I checked out some of the tracks. Favorite is definitely “Of Gods and Witches”  with “Beatup” and “Solar Voyage” as other good ones. I recommend checking out the music, although I do not really recommend the webcomic. If you’d like to just get “the best of” without spending weeks of your life reading, I recommend just watching the flashes on Youtube.

“Dark Horse” – Shanghai Restoration Project  – what a jamming song.

Continuing on my Joywave kick, here’s “Tongues“.

“Electric Love (Oliver Remix)” – BØRNS. So catchy and stuck in my head for weeks.

“Portrait” – alt-j (Daljit Dhaliwal) . Let Youtube autoplay starting from “Breezeblocks” and it wound up here. I like how the style is somewhat different from Breezeblocks but you can still totally tell it’s the same band.

Stay musical, my friends.


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