Rap, Spirituals and Die Antwoord

Idea from 6/17, writeup from 6/22

I found a collaboration between two artists that I like: Karmin and Watsky. Apparently this is based on another rap song, but I’ve never heard of it before. Really like the cover, not a big fan of this tbh.

Karmin – I first heard about this group by this cover, though I’m not sure how I first found that cover. They’re a group that started at Berklee, so they’re close neighbors to us (notably this song references both Mass Ave and Newberry Street). I’m a pretty big fan of theirs. I enjoy “Acapella” quite a bit (introduced by Jesse Orlowski – do y’all know him? He lives in Simmons) and I really like “Pulses” just for the rhyme “I wanna raise pulses / la chica with the most-est / not in the mood for the average Joseph”

I’m a bit embarrassed to link this but uh, I covered them covering Chris Brown
in my senior year of high school. (The other really good troll that I did for my high school’s talent show was playing this with my friends. My friend arranged the music for this because we couldn’t find a good sheet music online and we had a menagerie of parts 😛 )

Got Youtube famous several years ago. If you ever hear me say “Ohai, I’m that guy”, this is what I’m referencing. (EDIT: It took me a while to find the original. The song is apparently unlisted now because he wants to be known for other things. Oops.) Other of his songs are mostly miss for me though but I have some friends who really really like him. This song in particular was a miss for me, because of the rhyme: “If I fit into some mistress like the long block in tetris” and because I love love love the soundtrack of “O Brother Where Art Thou” so much.

O Brother Where Art Thou: If you have never seen the movie before, I will totally watch it with you because the Coen brothers are EXCELLENT and this is definitely one of my favorites. But omg, the soundtrack. Have a gander at the original “Man of Constant Sorrow“. Like augh, how can you not love this or this. Maybe this is just my Southern bias showing, but it’s so so good.

Sacred Harp: While we’re talking about the South, if you ever have a chance to hear Sacred Harp singing, please do. It’s a really unbelievable experience with a huge rich full sound of music that video really can’t capture. I’ve heard it once (at Mathcamp at all places) and it was just extremely powerful. They sang “I’m Bound for the Promised Land” and just to hear the room fill up with sound was really something. Even Johnny Cash’s version just really can’t compare. Here’s another good one – “Wondrous Love”: the sacred harp version and the one that keeps showing up on Pandora for me.

Again, I can’t emphasize how much the videos are unable to capture the sheer power and force in the room. I find it a sincerely beautiful and moving experience.

Revisiting on 6/22, “No Flex Zone” is still stuck in my head. “Bump like an ingrown” for some reason keeps reminding me of the part in Die Antwoord’s “Baby’s on Fire” that goes “A techno beat, a techno beat”  (Music video is awesome (though NSFW) if you haven’t listened to Die Antwoord before)

I first heard of Die Antwoord from Senior Haus’s i3 video my rising-freshman year . I later got introduced to a lot more songs of theirs from dbausher and ant1jr. Here’s another one I like (still NSFW video). If nothing else, you gotta really admire their production value.

Stay musical, my friends


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