New Music List! + Zephyr

Hello friends!

I’m announcing my new music list: mellifluously@ (or lisztchin@ if you prefer to maintain the (narcissistic) pattern). The style will be very similar to posts to litchin@ or -c unltchin about music where I just rant about feels. The first post to be queued there is about covers, featuring Nine Inch Nails and Jonathan Coulton!

I am creating this mailing list mainly because I feel frustrated that I no longer have -c unltchin to rant about music and litchin@ feels inappropriate to spout music feels.

In general, I have mixed feels about leaving Zephyr. The ultimate reason for leaving was a person in particular, although I was getting pretty swamped with the feeling of expectation to keep up with the times. I do feel like I am less informed about MIT and am missing out on a lot more, but everytime I hit screen -dr and view all of the posts, I want to log out almost immediately.

In the broader scale, I think it is pretty bad that a single person can drive me away from activities and communities that I love. I stopped going to Tech Squares because of a single person as well. In both cases, I seemed to be losing out more than I gained by leaving those communities (not going to Tech Squares prevented me from keeping in contact with Anders and making friends with Tetazoans, not going on Zephyr prevents me from keeping in contact with cruft and getting a pulse on MIT). All that I seem to gain is some childish amount of avoidance which I should really just go and confront.

I am still unclear about what I should do about either situation and would sincerely appreciate any advice.

Actual content-ful posts hopefully coming soon. Carrying a notebook has significantly increase the number of observes, which I’m really excited to share with y’all.

Post on 7/21


I am back on Zephyr! Turns out time, space, and Sam Dukhovni heals all wounds 🙂 Thanks also to Lemur and Cesium for sending advice in.
Now on to conquering square dancing???

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